About annice

“What I love about teaching Pilates? Seeing the real changes clients make in their bodies & making a deeper connection to their core. The place that helps them stand up taller, relieve back pain, and feel amazing.”

Annice Kessler Attoe is the owner and an instructor at Tumtum Pilates. A fifth generation Oregonian, trained as an artist and painter. She uses her artists eye and intuition to help clients find their own unique rhythm and focus. Discovering Pilates while recovering from a chronic lower back injury changed her life. Annice believes teaching Pilates is an amazing opportunity for everyone, client and teacher, to learn and explore the body through strengthening and healing movements. Certified with Peak Pilates Master Instructor Jessica Schultz and trained with Mentor Alicia Bouni of Geometry Pilates. 


About Briana

Briana discovered Pilates in Baltimore as an acting student in college. She quickly felt the work's positive changes in everything she did from rock-climbing to driving long distances between Moab and the east coast. Now, as a mom of a rather powerful 4 year old, she's even more grateful for the strength and body awareness she's found from being a Pilates devotee. She was certified in 2011 through Dorothee VandeWalle's 700+ M.A.T. program in Seattle and, since then, Briana has been having a blast teaching this elegant method (and seeing its results!) to wonderful people in Oakland, San Francisco, and now the Pacific Northwest. When not in the studio, you might catch her on TV in a commercial, on stage in Portland, or hiking (and perhaps wine-tasting) in the gorge with her husband, kiddo, and shepherd mix. And...the latest project that her Pilates practice is helping her with? Creating a permaculture homestead in the Washougal hills! Schedule a session today!

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